Bait and Tackle in Westerly, Rhode

Watch Hill Outfitters in Westerly, Rhode Island, offers a variety of bait and tackle to meet your fishing needs. If you cannot find a specific item, just give us a call. We can order it and have it shipped directly to you.

Bait and Tackle

When you are in need of bait or fishing tackle, come to Watch Hill Outfitters. Our selection of bait includes, but is not limited to:
Live Bait:
• Eels
• Mummies (Seasonal)
• Sand Worms
• Night Crawlers
• Green Crabs (Seasonal)
Fresh Local Bait:
• Bunker (Menhaden)
• Whole Squid
Variety of Rods and Reels, Bait and Tackle in West
Frozen Bait Currently in Stock:
• Whole Squid (Large & Small)
• Squid Strips
• Clams
• Spearing
• Smelt
• Mullet
• Mackerel
• Bluefish/Bunker Chum: Five-Gallon Pails
Offshore Bait:
• Flats of Mackerel
• Flats of Butterfish
• Bunker Oil
• Four-Gallon Container of Bluefish/Bunker Chum

Rod Repair

If you have a broken rod tip or eye on the pole, bring the rod in and we will repair it. Some repairs can be completed right in the shop, however, depending on the complexity of the problem, others may need to be sent to our local rod repair expert.

Reel Repair

Is your reel acting up or not working at all? Drop by and we will let you know if we can fix it for you. It may just need a good cleaning or some new parts. A well-maintained reel will last a long time. If you do not have the time to keep your reel maintained, drop it off and we will service it for you to help keep it running for years to come.
Contact us today in Westerly, Rhode Island, to learn more about the bait and tackle you need to fish in our local waters.